Dr. Lavanya Vemsani - ‘Sāvitrī: The Timeless Traveller’

Dr. Vemsani began by explaining the unparallel journey of Sāvitrī who is considered as a feminine heroic figure. Explaining her journey of both life and death, Sāvitrī’s journey is not of physical strength rather it is shown as a result of utilizing presence of mind and strong character.

Dr. Vemsani expounded on hiw Sāvitrī’s timeless journey is journey beyond the boundaries of life and death. Sāvitrī’s journey depicts a lone female traveller of the woods transforming into the traveller of the other worlds. Dr. Vemsani then explains that Sāvitrī’s journey is the only journey among the many classics present to us that depicts a women in the wood who chose her own husband.

She divided her lecture into three parts. The first part discussed the Birth of Sāvitrī where she is represented as incarnation of light, through the blessing of goddess Sāvitrī. The second part/stage discusses, Sāvitrī’s quest where she enters the woods in search for spouse that was courageous and mindful. The third part of the talk explored Sāvitrī’s preparations for Solemn Journey which is explained as the most critical journey of her life. The fourth stage where Sāvitrī ventures to the other world. Here the journey between the god of death and Sāvitrī emerges.

Dr. Vemsani after explaining the concept of time, life, and the universe in the background of story of Sāvitrī moved to explaining the fifth stage where Sāvitrī returns from timeless state to earthly success.

In conclusion, Dr. Vemsani says that Sāvitrī ventured on journey for her love, life and success. Her conviction for her chosen path becomes an inspirational story for women who celebrates her festival every year. Aurobino’s composition notes Sāvitrī’s journey as a spiritual journey that exemplifies a deep meaning of Sāvitrī’s journey on both human level and spiritual level.

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