Dr. Penna Madhusudan - Reformative Vision of Vyāsa in the Mahābhārata

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Beginning his lecture with a homage to the great Vyāsa, Dr, Madhusudan began to explain the reformative vision of Vyāsa in the Mahābhārata. What is important to note here is that the Vyāsa stands with the vision which basically means that we cannot remove the vision from the Vyāsa . This vision, as per the speaker, is deep rooted in the Dharma as in the Mahābhārata. Vyāsa says very clearly that Dharma should be the base of human life because through Dharma only, we can attain Artha and Kāma. The deep rootedness of Vyāsa’s ideology in the Dharma can be traced as it exists at cosmic level (visvadharma), at Nation level (Rastradharma), at Family level (Kuladharma) and finally at individual level (vyaktidharma). Through this classification Dr. Madhusudan explained the expansion of Dharma from individual level to the cosmic level.

Vyāsa, reportedly, has given so many texts to us such as Mahābhārata, purāṇās and Brahmasutra. One of the most significant aspect that these texts brings to us is that each text explicates a different aspect of the thought of Vyāsa maharishi. Going back to his title, Dr. Madhusudan emphasises on the need for reformation and explains the vision of Vyāsa who has found the Nation as one, politically, philosophically, socially & culturally and also geographically. Furthermore while talking about Vyāsa as a Sage with a provision Dr. Madhusudan says that Mahaṛṣi Vyāsa has given us a provision by saying that our thought, our action, and our character must be properly guided and for this he has given us not only Bhagavadgītā but several Gītā in Mahābhārata.

Exploring the reformative ideas in terms of practical philosophy, Dr. Madhusudhan claims that in order to be reformative and also to understand the surroundings one must be rooted in one’s own self and explains that what is more significant that believing in Vedic rituals, Vedic deities or ideologies is to first believe in one’s own self. Concluding on a warm note, he touches upon the understanding of caste, gender and reputed family from the perspective of Mahaṛṣi Vyāsa and says that Vyāsa regarded all these as of no use as he believed that the true knowledge lies in being human.

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