Dr. Sadanand More - Place of the Gītā in Mahābhārata

The Gītā is usually thought to be an autonomous religious text, but never is considered in realtion to the Mahābhārata begins Dr. More.

Explaining further, Dr. More recounts the Gītā to be constituted of eighteen chapters. He asserts the importance of intuting their interdependent relations which enhance our understading when read together but cannot understood as solitary units or in isolation. He posits that Gītā is a part of Mahābhārata.

He acknowledges certain disputes regarding Gītā being considered as a religious and autonomous text. Abundant in knowledge, people started to honour the Gītā in a manner as if it was conceived as a whole in itself. But he differs arguing that we must understand that Gītā is a part and parcel of Mahābhārata. Separating it or isolating it can perhaps affect its teachings.

Dr. More further brought in the concepts of śruti and smriti, where the latter must be consistent and not try to attempt to over-write the former in terms of the authenticity of the text.

To listen to what he has to say about Sankararcharya's bhasya and other commentaries on the Gita, please tune in to our YouTube channel!

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