Dr. Sampadananda Mishra - Samatvaṁ Yoga Ucyate

Lecturing on “Samatvaṁ Yoga Ucyate - Deliberation on Yogic Equality as explained in the Bhagavadgita”, Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Director of SAFIC Puducherry, started by pointing out "yoga" has been understood and interpreted differently by different scholars.

Samatvaṁ Yoga Ucyate is regarded as the most prominent definition of yoga, especially when talking about the Gita’s way of Yoga. Besdies mentioning its various aspects, the Gita explains the practice of Yoga in a scientific and systematic manner. This would lead, says Dr. Mishra, to the evolution of humanity and thus, progression of the human consciousness. He further asserted that this realisation of consciousness and channelization of it is important because it is the ultimate unity of consciousness which is the source of everything.

Furthermore, to explain this unity of consciousness Dr. Mishra brings in the concept of involution and evolution. He explains that everything comes from that one unity of consciousness which has extended itself to become the multiple. In this process of the subtle becoming the gross, due to its veiled nature, the perception of the essential unity is lost. The veil can be lifted but only through the process of evolution where one achieves back the unity of consciousness.

Dr. Mishra borrowed concepts from the Indian tradition to direct us to gaining that clarity in our consciousness while warning us against false understanding of the self and its projection on the world. Most importantly, he said, "One drop of practice is better than an ocean of theories", that is we need to practically apply these theoretical illuminations to reach where we want to.

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