Dr. Soham Pain - Glorifying Kṛṣṇa: A Study of Selected Episodes from Kāśīrāma’s Mahābhārata

Dr. Pain began his lecture by giving a brief historical background of Kāśīrāma and his Mahābhārata. While talking about the coherence of the text, Dr. Pain, explained how Kāśīrāma’s Mahābhārata was an attempt to make the text of Mahābhārata available to the larger section of people of Bengal and thus it is perceived as text that is more than a glorification of Krishna.

Dr. Pain in his talk has critically analysed four narratives from Kāśīrāma’s Mahābhārata to bring out the Vaishnava orientation of the poet and his work. The first episode, discussed by Dr. Pain is of Draupadi’s Swayamvara. The second episode is of Vibhishanas visit to Hastinapura. Thirdly, Dr. Soham Pain has talked about Rama Uphakayana and finally in the last segment of his talk, Dr. Pain discusses Svargārohaṇa that is an ascent to heaven. All the sections, as Dr. Pain discusses have immense focus on the actions, personality, thought, discussion and ideology of Krishna. Explaining selected planes of episodes and events, Dr. Pain explain the centrality of Glorification of Krishna in Kāśīrāma’s Mahābhārata.

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