Mr. Sashikanth Ananthachari - Mahābhārata Traditions of Tamil Nadu:Textures of Memory, Texture

Mr. Ananthachari brought a unique perspective to the Mahābhārata Lecture Series by bringing the perspectives from the realms of cinema, movies and plays. He explains that in many villages over a thousand years Mahabharata theatre has pursued. His explanations on the celebrations of the Mahabharata festivals in many villages brought many new traditions and customs into light.

Mr. Ananthachari’s lecture with a focus on the traditions in the villages of Tamil Nadu took us on a virtual tour of the celebrations of various festivals of Mahabharata. While explaining how the tradition of the Mahabharata has influences the people he explained how Mahbharata tradition is an integral part for various villages of Tamil Nadu.

With his coherent account of the traditional practices and custom, Mr. Ananthachari’s exposition made it clear why Mahabharata is called a living tradition in India. His lecture was full of new insights which were delivered through small videos and songs.

Towards the end of the lecture Mr. Ananthachari, gave us a brief description of Yoga and concluded his lecture. His lecture conveyed how the narrative tradition of the epic is embedded in the society through theatre, music and art.

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