Professor Alok Tripathi - Archaeological Investigations at Dwarka and Dvaravati of Mahābhārata

Professor Tripathi began by stating the importance of the epics of India and their impact on Indian history, Indian culture, Indian tradition and Indian society. Explaining futher Professor Tripathi, explicated the work of archaeologists and their exploration for the new material evidences related to the ancient times.

The speaker hughlighted how archaeology can bring out the hidden treasures and bring the ancient culture near to us through tangible evidences and proofs. He has then mentioned about the project that he and his team are working upon which aims in the excavations related to the Mahābhārata.

Professor Tripathi then began to talk about Dwarka and Dvaravati. His explanations were extremely significant from both archaeological and philosophical perspectives. Areas of Adi Parva and Sabha Parva were discussed by Professor Tripathi in order to explicate the situatedness/location of Dwarka.

Professor Tripathi then told the audience about the excavations that happened at the coast of Dwarka. Here he presented various valuable things such as pottery, stone anchors, stone building blocks were found. These excavations claimed that Dwarka was now a submerged city. Along with the various archaeological insights, Professor Tripathi, also explained the hardships and challenges that come while archaeological investigations and excavations.

Towards the end of the lecture, Professor Tripathi, stated that there search for the submerged city of Dwarka is still in continuation and they are working hard to bring the lost remains of the city back to us so that we can know more about the culture and tradition of Mahābhārata.

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